Springfield, MO

Springfield, MO – Market 137

Mid-West Family Broadcasting is a full service marketing company in the Springfield Missouri Market. We have four FM radio stations in addition to offering other valuable marketing tools, such as Website design, Graphic design, SEO and Client Imaging. We have a highly trained Sales staff that have achieved proven results for our Clients on both a short term event or a long term branding campaign. Our sales staff is continuously researching ideas & strategies, so we can keep our clients’ competitive in the ever changing business environment. For more information on Sales, click here

Mid-West Family Broadcasting is Springfield, Missouri’s LEADER in events!!
Whether ALL our stations are involved like OktoberFest Village with 12,000 of our closest friends, or other events like the 104.7 The Cave Bike Show, Mid-West Family is ALWAYS putting the listener AND our clients first. Our events create top of mind awareness for our listeners and our fantastic business partners.

Our Stations

KQRA Q102.1FM Springfield's Rock Station

Adults 18-49

Q102 DOMINATES the Modern Rock format in Springfield with rock hits from the Seattle sound of the 90’s and the 2000’s.  Q102 also breaks new artists like Aranda, Volbeat, Halestorm and Shinedown! Q102’s mainstream flavor appeals to Adults 18 & 49 years of age. Lex & Terry has been a part of the morning radio landscape in Springfield for ten years and in that time have solidified themselves as the #1 choice for men 18-34 and men 18-49. From 5am-10am weekdays, they discuss life, sports, music, sex, daily news & entertainment. While continuing to provide the best artists & albums on the airwaves, Q102 thrives on being a current, active & visible participant in the rock community.



KKLH-FM 104.7 The Cave

Adults 35-54

The Cave is a new name, with new focus and a new promise to our audience…more classic rock music, deeper album cuts and the inside stories about the music and the artists. No hype, no goofy contests, Just “Pure Classic Rock” and lots of it from Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton, Aerosmith, Eagles, Fleetwood Mac … and NOT the same overplayed 200 songs … after-all, Missourians know that nothing goes deeper than a cave …104.7 is “THE CAVE” .



Turn Your Knob to BOB!! 105.1 BOB FM plays Real Country Variety. Instead of hearing the same 15 songs over and over and over, BOB playlist of music puts together an outstanding lineup from Garth Brooks to today’s newer country stars (like the Zac Brown Band and Jason Aldean). When you need a true “country fix” 105.1 BOB FM is there for you.


KOSP-FM 92.9 The Beat

Springfield’s Hottest Hits, 92.9 The Beat! A brand new approach to delivering modern pop music 18-49 year old females want to hear. Even though many are business professionals, managing the family is a large part of her life. She is ultimately the decision maker. 92.9 The Beat features the biggest and hottest hits! Artists on 92.9 The Beat sell out stadiums across the globe and top the Pop charts every single day! Every time you turn on the beat Rihanna, Macklemore, Adele, Bruno Mars, Jay Z and other pop stars will always be heard.